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Thread: Why did 2Factions work in SWG but not in WoW/Rift/Warhammer?

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    Default Why did 2Factions work in SWG but not in WoW/Rift/Warhammer?

    Why did 2Factions work in SWG but not in WoW/Rift/Warhammer?
    curious. anybody have any idea?

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    I can only fathom a guess that it had to do with the crowd back then. A lot of the older games seemed more balanced back then because of the player population making it so. I knew a lot of players who would intentionally switch to the underdog because of the challenge. Now days many games suffer from the tipped scale effect. Once those scales start to tip people naturally want to flock to the winning team and then the tipping only gets worse until it is so grossly lopsided that it becomes no fun for anyone.

    IMO the games that got it right were Eve and AOC where the sides are what you make them. DAOC was another prime example where the dev's created an X-factor by adding a third realm so even if one side gets strong the other 2 can team up on them.

    A good idea with poor execution would be fallen earth with its six factions. You would think that would be a great system for random chaos but with each faction having 2 allies and your allies are not the same as your allies ally, and factions being able to omni it just turned into a big giant mess. It only got worse when the Dev's were trying to listen to the players but the players were split on who should have priority, clans or factions. Add in that each new Lead Designer wanted to go a different route and the whole thing just went FUBAR.

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    Because it's two factions were not forced upon you at character creation. You joined the factions voluntarily, and had the option to remain neutral without suffering any penalties for doing so. That's why it worked.
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