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Thread: Phone upgrades... urgh

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    Default Phone upgrades... urgh

    So, i have a phone upgrade in a couple of months and in my usual fashion i have started to look around at whats coming out. I have had HTCs for the past few years and currently have the Deisre HD - i love this phone and Android but i feel like getting something a little different but keep with android.

    Anyone have any ones in particular they are looking forward to? I think i will go with the new samsung galaxy (hopefully 3 will be out when i upgrade) as i recently got a samsung galaxy tablet and im quite impressed.

    I just can't go over to Apple, i do not like them for many reasons which i will not go into - and windows mobile - bag of crap, i had the HD7 for 5 minutes and went straight back to android.

    What are you guys getting next? Or looking forward to?
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    I currently have the incredible 1 and love it, I think my upgrade is in February so maybe I'll look into the incredible 3 if they make one by then. It kinda sucks that the current trend is phones with huge screens though, I got the incredible instead of the X because it's smaller.

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    I have never been a fan of Apple products myself but I recently bought the Iphone 4 after my other, simpler phone went for a wash and I have to admit I've really been enjoying it. I used to be one of those people who were all adamant about using a phone 'to talk on and that's it', but I've found a lot of apps to be quite useful. Plus surfing the web when I'm bored. Or playing a game while sitting on the crapper. A big bonus for me is that it is tough, and believe me, I beat the crap out of my toys.

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