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Thread: Hair Nightmares

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    Default Hair Nightmares

    Sup Off Topic. I've got something interested here:

    The deaf barber! We've all had one! Tell us your nightmare stories. Maybe you looked like Spock?

    Here's mine:

    I wear my hair long. Slightly past the collar long, Kurt Cobain long. I started to look like a hippie, so I go into the barber and request a trim and layers. "One inch off," I say.

    Guys, one inch off does NOT mean one inch from the hairline. No, no, no. It doesn't. So for now I look like a pissed off Justin Bieber. Thank you, hair cutters everywhere.
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    Being shaved bald again wouldn't please me, so it would ahve to be for a really good reason. Unlike most women, I didn't exactly look girly there.
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    Nothing like being a punk drunk as hell and deciding that you want to do a do it yourself Mohawk at 3 in the morning using nothing more than the sideburn trimmers on an electric shaver.

    And lets not forget passing out drunk while dying your hair....

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    Cut your own hair in future, save money and save looking like justin bieber.

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    I had my hair straightened by a hairdresser back when i was 15. To my horror, when the towel was removed, so was the majority of my hair. At 15 and being a girl, its not my best look to date. I think i cried for almost a year.
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