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Thread: Your dream MMO!

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    Wink Your dream MMO!

    I think a lot of us have at one point or another imagined the perfect MMO game inside our heads. What I want to
    find out is what did you think of? Tell me (and everyone else here) about the world, lore, classes etc etc that you have
    come up with. I've got a pretty neat idea myself but since I am going to bed right now I will wait until tomorrow hehe.

    Anyway, let's hear it.. Aaaand goodnight.

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    I just have views on races. No lore or the world or anything, maybe a MMO with closer ties to the stories of any type of mythology, and have like sirens, ogres, giants, or any type of humanoid creature you see in mythology as a race.
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    I have two Perfect mmo's in my head which i would like.
    One would be a world of cat humanoids like this pic..
    you choose the type of feline lion/tiger/leopard ect ect
    you choose which land you come from snowy/desert/jungle/mountainous
    Your main adversary is MAN! dun dun dun.
    it would be guild/clan based. there are 6 cities all controlled my humans
    the felines have to band together in guilds to enslave the filthy humans take the cities. once a cat is in control you'll find other cat guilds want the cities and then ensues more fighting.

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