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Thread: Noticing quite a few players in the military.

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    Default Noticing quite a few players in the military.

    Hello, just figured I'd look around and see just how many military people play use the forums. I myself SPC in the United States Army have met quite a few people in game who seem to be in one branch or the other themselves. Noticing this I figured I may as well make me way to the Off-Topic seeing it as the only proper place to post such a post and see who else is serving in the military *U.S. or not met a few Aussies and people from South American*

    I plain and simply enjoy finding these people in a game I myself also enjoy as it is easy to find things that most soldiers/sailors/airmen or women have in common aside form gaming making the experience that much more enjoyable. Just for a little background myself I enlisted at 17 and have just turned 20 hopefully going to make Sergeant here soon if I can keep up the high speed work.

    Feel free to post even if your not military as I said I was seeing how many fellow service men and women a like played the game. To avoid any moronic "trolls" I am not here for recognition nor hopefully anyone else serving simply seeing other men/women in arms whom I may be playing with one day or stationed with as I have even met a guy with whom I previously trained with quite enjoyable.

    Thanks for taking your time to read and have a great day. 12B Combat Eng. Hooah.

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