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Thread: Suggestions for Good Internet Providers

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    Default Suggestions for Good Internet Providers

    Anybody got any good suggestions for an internet provider?

    I'm currently using a local internet provider, and the download and buffer times are really crappy. (Took me about four days to download Rift with digital download, and takes several minutes to buffer a video, usually longer than the video itself is.)

    That being said, I originally got this because the package (cable, a landline, and internet) was pretty good. However, I no longer have a landline, and the cable is very outdated. I'm planning on switching my television provider to Dish network, because it's much cheaper. There is a package to also get Verizon high speed internet along with Dish. I was wondering if anybody has Verizon high speed internet, and if it's good. If not, then what internet provider do you suggest?
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    Rich Aemry


    FIOS sucks compared to other fiber alternatives, and Verizion is one of the companies who will turn your arse over to the RIAA, and MPAA along with participating in the wiretapping program.

    Time Warner while being a member of both the RIAA and MPAA ironically does none of those things due to some really bad crow they ate about 3 years back over an attempt at metered billing. They are the best ISP I've ever had. I still hate their TV, and cable television is yet to get any better, but Roadrunner High-speed Extreme with 30Mb/s down and 15Mb/s up with no download caps or throttling is $45/mo in these parts. Those speeds mean you can have a WAN party since the LAN party is dead.

    I have a corporate connection from them here at the house and I get insane speeds and I always get advertised speeds. There have only been 2 outages in the 2 years I have had them, one was planned, and the other was fixed in under an hour. I always get advertised speeds, and they have next day installation with no term contracts whatsoever.

    My answer is if you can get TWC Road Runner Extreme at your home do it, and get your TV from someone else.

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    Stating where you live and what kind of Mbps or price you are looking for can really help.

    For example I live in the Netherlands and could suggest all kind of internet providers. Like UPC 25Mbps for 25 a month or UPC 120Mbps for 50 a month. Or hell even Tweak internet with 200Mbps up and down for 100 a month. Or maybe something cheap like Tele2 with 4Mbps for 15 a month.
    (All of these are without a download limit)
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    If you actually have a choice of internet providers, you are quite fortunate. I'm getting ready to move back to an area where only cable internet was available, and it was horrible. Right now, I have fiber optic internet through AT&T; latency is almost always less than 100 ms (it's 47 now), and that's with the TVs on and other computers attached to the internet. Our phone is also on the same fiber optic line.

    If you can get fiber optic service, I highly recommend it.

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