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Thread: Lessons in synchronicity

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    Default Lessons in synchronicity

    Over the last couple of days, I was having a debate in the PvP forum about a Lost Hope ( a rogue ability) bug and its possible exploitation in he Warfront Codex. Last night it got a little ugly, so today I stayed away from the forum.

    Instead I was on the Huffington Post and a story about Sixx singer, Victor Villarreal , being killed in an accident caught my eye. I don't know Sixx or their music, but the photo looked familiar.


    Note the name of the web site. I thought the guy resembled Gilby Clarke from Guns N' Roses and the reality show "Rock Star: Super Nova." Well that got me to thinking about that show from 2006 and got me wondering what ever happened to the winner of the show. I didn't remember the name, but I do remember him flooring the audience with a rendition of a song called "Creep." Again note the name of the web site.

    So I google Tommy Lee ( the host of "Rock Star : Supernova) and find the winner's name, Lukas Rossi. So I google him and sure enough a YouTube video clip of him doing his rendition of "Creep" comes up. I watch the clip a few times and it still impresses me after 5 years. Then I start reading the comments and people say how the original group, Radiohead, does it much better.

    So I search Youtube and "Creep," and spend about a half hour listening to there live and studio versions of it. They do it much better than Rossi. But in the right side, there's a link to another video having to do with Radiohead.

    Guess what its called?


    Of course I click, and its quite beautiful.

    Synchronicity, plain and simple.

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