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Thread: This is a bill that will hurt million's please read and sign.

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    Default This is a bill that will hurt million's please read and sign.

    This is a link to sign a petition to get it out of congress.

    Here is a link giving you info on what the bill is about <yes he is playing multiple games in the video but he is explaining it>

    If you don't wanna read those essentially the bill would make it 100% illegal to upload any video/media of any copyrighted material, I.E boss raid's.

    If this bill passes you can be prosecuted for up to 5 years jail time for putting anything on the internet with any copyrighted material shown in it of a media nature.
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    didn't we already have this post yesterday.

    Any released game from a publisher will be more than happy to give a blanket release of game footage to anyone willing to post it online. You don't need to ask permission, and for that matter Rift gives you an ingame tool to publish your game footage while you play on youtube.

    If a game company wanted to take down your youtube video of a rift or raid, or a WoW dungeon, all they need to do is contact the company providing the stream and it will get taken down.

    Just look at the music filters in place on youtube, they still show the video, but the music doesn't play if the company doesn't want it done.

    Do you really think the game developer doesn't want the free publicity, or you showing off their product?
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    Hi everyone,

    We already have several ongoing discussions about this topic. If you'd like to share your thoughts, you'll find the main discussion thread here:

    What is your take on Bill S.978 A big effect to the gaming community

    We're going to close this thread and ask that this discussion continue in the thread linked above so we can keep the discussions about this topic a little better consolidated.

    As a friendly reminder, we do recommend using the forum search function (searching in thread titles works best) and checking through the last couple pages to see if there is already an existing thread about a topic you'd like to discuss. When topic discussions are consolidated, it not only makes it easier to use the search function, but it also aids the Rift Community and Development Teams when reading the forums and gathering feedback from your posts, ideas, and concerns.

    If anyone has questions or concerns about this thread closure, please feel free to contact us at

    Thank you!
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