So I just ordered an hp 15.6" dv6tqe 1900x1080 laptop with:

windows 7 64 bit
2720QM 2.2-3.3ghz (quad core)
8GB ram
7200 rpm 750gb HD
2 GB 6770M Raedon graphics card
It only costed me 1170 dollars. Origionally this was a 1750 dollar laptop, sale ends today, but it will take 29 days for them to even finish making it...

BUT! Some one told me I'm still getting ripped off because that graphics card my question is:

Would it be better to spend more money for a Nvdia card?

I could get the msi gt683r-242us which comes stock with

2620QM 2.0 ghz(quad core) upgrade to 2720QM for 159dollars (Might do that)
14 GB ram
2x500 GB HD's at raid 0
nVidia GeForce GTX 560M 1,536MB PCI-Express GDDR5 DX11-

That base configuration costs 1460 dollars at xoticpc... Is this significantly better?

My goal is to play rift at the highest settings I can with good FPS. I dont want a desktop, and I do not want to upgrade to 17"+ laptop if ican help it, but I am open to other suggestions. PLease help, post opinions, and suggestions, comments, and your set ups if you have better than this, and its less than 2000 dollars.