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Thread: Any News With Crossover Games?

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    Default Any News With Crossover Games?

    Hi I've been having some trouble with my mac playing Rift.

    I use crossover games, which i believe after the 2nd hotpactch kinda messed things up.

    Just wondering if/when they are gonna fix it!

    thanks for any replies

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    I believe they've said they're looking into it. The official answer is that it's not supported, the real answer is that they certainly don't intend it to be broken, and as long as fixing it isn't particularly destructive of the rest of the game, they'll probably fix it.
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    It's officially supported by Code Weavers (Silver not Gold), which means that Trion at least lends a hand in making sure the game runs. All games that patch as frequently as an MMO will break in WINE just like they break periodically on different hardware configurations.

    Why don't you invest in a copy of Windows 7 which you can get on sale for $50 or less. If you're a student you can get it for like $20.

    I understand why the FOSS SCON crew won't just buy a copy of Windows to play games with, but unless you pirated a copy of Crossover, Crossover and Windows 7 Home Premium OEM cost the same amount. Their are a large majority of people "in the know" who will tell you you legally need a full Windows copy to install on a Mac, but the fact is you don't.

    Windows EULA is schizophrenic enough that it is unintelligible (even to the lawyers at our firm,) so I did the smart thing and called the legal department of MS in Redmond WA. The legal Department at MS says all you need to legally install on anything is an OEM license, but if you are to install with an OEM you receive absolutely zero MS support.

    I have a Mac with W7 Home Premium OEM that I bought for $40USD. Works just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Aemry View Post
    Their are a large majority of people
    Damn. I have developed a really bad habit of auto-typing this for there.
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