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Thread: Trion is Bringing the Pain

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    Default Trion is Bringing the Pain

    Twice now I was in touch with my WoW friends and both times when I asked how things were going they responded things are good but they are loosing guildies to Rift.
    Never in my 6 years of WoW did I run across this.

    Regardless of what the trolls here keep posting, you're doing good Trion, keep on truckin'!

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    I got an email from Blizzard just yesterday:

    (My Name),

    As a thank you for being a veteran World of Warcraft® subscriber, we're giving you a FREE copy of World of Warcraft to share with a friend.

    Instructions and a game key follow.

    Unlike most "Blizzard" emails that I receive, this one actually is from Blizzard (instead of from some gmail domain).

    I deleted all my toons on 9/11/10, and my account expired on 10/22/10.

    I have never before received any kind of marketing email from Blizzard. I'm thinking they may be getting desperate.

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