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Thread: "Seasonal" Gaming?

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    Default "Seasonal" Gaming?

    I just realized this....

    For me, I feel like my gaming preferences are based on the season...in the winter, I stick to single player/lengthy games bc I'm indoors much more. But during warmer weather, ironically, I play more multiplayer/AAA titles because of the social factor. I go out more, meet random people/other gamers and find we have common ground within these well known games - hence further friendship online.

    Have you noticed that you play different genres of games in some sort of "seasonal pattern?"
    Or do you accredit it toward the general release schedule of major game companies?

    could be a research paper....yessss
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    Agreed, Rift came just in right time for me personally. I had defintely hardcore season because of bad weather. Now I just play like 4 hour per day max because its summer, when winter comes I start to play more again Im sure of it.
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