While my internet was throttled due to me hitting my bandwidth limit, I decided to do a small trance mix for my guild on Faeblight. I figured I'd show it to y'all. When I say mini, I definitely mean mini lol, the whole set is just under 22 minutes long. I was bored one night and mixed it.

Before anyone asks, yes I use Virtual DJ. I'm getting my beatmatching skills down while I save money for a pair of CD-Js. I've done DJing as a bit of a hobby for a while, as well as producing hardcore techno (akin to Ophidian, Nosferatu, Komprex, etc). So, without further ado:

[00:00 - 09:05] Fly Away (Cosmic Gate Remix) - Vincent de Moor
[09:05 - 15:07] Bittersweet Nightshade (Markus Schulz's Return to Coldharbour Remix) - Mike Foyle
[15:07 - 21:56] Galapagos (Sunlounger's Balectro Remix) - Magic Wave