don't know if there's a bug section so i'll just post here. Not a big deal and was were i shouldn't be but anywho... I was grab'n the cairn in Freemarch and noticed i was above Meridian so thought i'd look around. I climbed down 2 cliffs then make a heroic jump trying to reach a ledge on what looked like the main building. I ended up inside the ledge and looking into the heart of the enemies main fortress :P. Can see what happens in the video, i was actually just wanting to sneak down and pick up those books and maybe ride that sweet elevator, lol.. anyway at the end i fall down a never ending hole (it stops recording by itself), then it seems to freeze for a while and i end up in an uncommonly long loading screen. I didn't die or lose any soul vitality but ended up on a rez pad half way across Freemarch.

Not really a bug but thought i should post anyway, if nothing else.. just for fun.