Not sure where to put this so I've just dumped it in OT, but is there any possibility of Trion writing a real novel focued on the storyline of rift? If there was one I would most certainly buy it, along with several other people into reading and/or RP. The reason I ask is I was just browsing around the site and I found this little piece of writing...

“Ahh, now this place brings me joy,” said Sothul, leader of the Stormbrood, to his lieutenant.

“Look at it, Morkael! The sun scalding your scales, and searing sand between your claws. Wild herds of centaur roam the dunes, hunting and feasting on helpless travelers. See the harpies soar between the ruins of ancient folly! Ruins! What better gift for the Flame Sire than the hollow bones of civilization? I hear the yapping of kobolds by night, and there are even cyclopes to fight in the hills when these Ascended grow tedious. Heat and ruins and endless monsters!"

“This, Morkael, is the paradise Maelforge will make for us across all Telara!”

And I must say that is an amazing piece of writing. Looking forward to more, hope I don't have to wait long, and most certainly not forever.