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Thread: Is it weird...

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    Default Is it weird...

    That I read threads from back to front?

    I usually click on the last page, and read toward the front. That way I see what the responses are, and don't waste time reading the first post and making a response that several other people already made, because they did that same exact thing.

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    I don't find it all that unusual. Some forums have an option to display newest posts first; youtube comments are displayed that way.

    I don't think I've ever read a book from front to back; I usually start with the front, but then I skip around. I will read the whole thing eventually... just not in order.

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    Well, I tend to read an entire thread front to back before responding, It would bug me to not be in the loop as to what started a certain derailing, or why someone is saying this argument. I need the lead o_O

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