I was a big fan of NWN, and to a lesser extent NWN2.

If they are designing it to be somewhat akin to the Aurora toolset then it could make for a game that would completely change MMO's. But even beyond that this makes me happy as an old school D&D player. This is not in any way to say that DDO is not good. It is in fact very good, its the only other MMO I am playing right now (since its F2P, I can sorta drop in and out). Trailer looks good but graphically not amazing, better than TOR, worse than RIFT. No real feel for the gameplay here, or how true to the system it will be. I'll be keeping an eye on this one though!

Anyone else interested? NWN players? I actually had done some mods for NWN way back when. I did a Dragonlance module and made a pretty awesome draconian mod and Death Knight one as well that were pretty commonly used by the community. Was alot of fun. In terms of building a full module, I can't say mine was very good compared to some of the unbelievable ones I tried, including a few really awesome Dragonlance ones that made mine look shabby by comparison. It truly was a game where the community made the content. There were soime pretty cool PW servers that came out of that.