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Thread: Nintendo - Wii U Failure...

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    Default Nintendo - Wii U Failure...

    So I was kind of curious about Nintendo's next generation Wii and was glad they finally got on the HD bandwagon. I read up on the new Wii U that is coming out and was at first put off by their massive tablet/controller combo that will be coming with the Wii U. I can see its potential and possibly overlook the fact that the new Wii U doesn't have a hard drive.

    Pricing hasn't been announced yet, but that doens't matter any more because they just announced that there will only be one controller with the Wii U at launch and you won't be able to buy extras at that time. Shigeru Miyamoto says that an extra 3DS can be used hypothetically.

    What I get from this is that the cost of the controller is so high that people are going to balk at the cost. Coupled with the fact that the 3DS is not meeting its sales goals they are going to try and push people to buy the 3DS instead.

    They need to get their heads out of their butts. Can you imagine the fighting that having a single controller is going to cause? Yes it's backwards compatible with the Wii controllers, but who is going to settle for that?

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