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Thread: Make More Friends

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    Cool Make More Friends

    Like-Wise is a social networking app that takes a different approach to helping you build new relationships, by focusing on you as a person, rather than on random results.

    Like-Wise is based on a simple concept; that "WHAT you like" says just as much about you as "what you ARE like".

    Create a profile, and list all of your favourite things - movies, books, bands, etc. Like-Wise takes that information and compares it to other users, giving you the results and letting you know exactly how much you have in common with everyone else.

    Through a unique matching system, you can then choose who you'd like to be friends with and start building those new relationships.

    By using a little math, Like-Wise takes the guesswork out of finding people that you actually share interests with, giving you a much better chance of building genuine friendships.

    Give Like-Wise a try and spread the like!

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    Again, advertising! What the hell, mods? Gas this thread!

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