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Thread: You killed the "what doomed MMOs thread" - impossible to reply since you moved it

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    Default You killed the "what doomed MMOs thread" - impossible to reply since you moved it

    You should have just closed it if it bothered you so much.

    You can't reply now cause your system still tries to post the reply to the original thread location - sees its not there - and generates an error.

    It's your own funeral if you don't fix your server hardware and acknowledge at least to yourselves that this great game you made is being ruined by lack of concurrently playing population on most of your servers - I'm not posting here any more, I hope you guys can remember back to BETA when a few of us really helped you shape, test, and balance this game. Everyone I still know from Beta thinks its tragic how you won't spend the money - WHICH YOU NOW HAVE - to fix your servers which are even less capable than the original WoW servers from 6 years ago and can only handle 1/5th the load of the current ones. Wake up.

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    I just replied to it, no problem.

    I also honestly don't think the server hardware is a problem. The world is small and respawns get too high when it's crowded; I suspect that with no server changes, they could handle a LOT more people in a larger chunk of physical space.
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    I don't think your post carries a valid point.

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