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Thread: Lil Wayne should be a boss in Rift

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    Default Lil Wayne should be a boss in Rift

    He could have his own dungeon and be an end game raiding boss Lil Wayne <God of rap and music>.


    Spider hair: hits ever member of the raid dealing 500 damage per sec for 12 seconds and reducs all healing done to that person by 50%

    Guitar rip: guitar strings snap and hit the closest 10 raid members for 4k damage, also knocks them back 10 metres

    Lyrical smash: hits targeted player for 8000 damage, stunning them for 5 seconds

    Spiderkai: Lil Wayne turns into a spider, dealing 35% more damage and randomly wrapping raid members in a web for 6 seconds, while in web the target takes 800 damage per second, if the target dies deals 6000 damage within 20 metres and stunning them for 5 sec

    Basically it would be a aoe healing intesive boss, this would be really cool, what do you think?

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    I don't think he'd get past the profanity filter.

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