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Thread: WoW (the exclimation and the game)

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    Default WoW (the exclimation and the game)

    this is pretty crazy, makes me look at gold farmers themselves differently, I used to harass them in WoW all the time, now I know they might have gotten beaten for me stealing mobs and ganking them.

    always hated gamers who buy mmo currency, now i hate them even more.


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    I remember reading an article about an American whose entire livelihood was based off being a "chinese gold farmer" (a term i always thought was a bit 'too' racially oriented, like the emphasis was on Chinese rather than Gold farmer). It was an interesting read, and I can't remember feeling 100% sorry for the guy, or even accepting of his selling gold, but it did paint it in an interesting light.

    I'd like to preface this next part by saying i'm not condoning, or defending china, but....

    I think its important to note that these are prisoners, and prisoners (although not always) are typically being set to work in order to fund the prison that they are being housed in. By doing the actions that they did to enrage the gov't enough to throw them in jail, they've effectively lost their rights to be considered part of society. The system isn't 100% flawless, it isn't even 10% flawless, but it is important to note that the Chinese gov't (if they are in fact doing this in more than 1 place) is doing it as a means to generate monetary income to continue to push their society forward. It's not right, but it at least puts the goal/rationale in sight, which this article fails to do.

    Just like American prisons' made license plates, Chinese prison's need a way to make sustainable income to allow them to house societies 'rejects'.
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    Here's my thought.

    If I spit in someone's face, and they go headbutt a boss and the spit gets on the boss, does the spit belong to me or the person that I spit on?

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