So I am not from Ireland haha. Good ole' US of A. I have done a lot of traveling in Europe and Ireland has been by far my favorite place to go. The last few years my European trips have been to Ireland ha. I don't know what it is, but I love Ireland.

So on a trip out to the Cliffs of Mohor we stopped in Doolin I think. I was walking along the street and there was a tiny little Inn. There was a guy sweeping up outside and he was drunk, very drunk. He was speaking Irish to himself and laughing at what he was saying to himself. And then he started talking to me, telling me about the little leprechaun that lived in the bush. He said a few things in Irish to me and we parted and walked on. Now Irish is a little hard for me to understand, and when you have a very drunk guy speaking Irish it sounded like gibberish.

I have started learning Irish, it is a lot of fun to learn actually. I know on the trains and some various things Irish (and then English) is shown and spoken. Is Irish spoken in big cities, or is it more of a rural thing?

So in closing, I love Ireland, I want to learn your language!