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Thread: Premium Avatar Creation Service

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    Default Premium Avatar Creation Service

    Hey everyone!

    Recently, I've been in the creation mood. If you want, I can create an avatar for you. Simple post here:

    >Your favorite color
    >What you want it to be of (If anything)
    >What you want it to have a 'theme' of.
    >Perhaps even a picture you have already that you want vectorized or improved upon.
    >Whether or not you want it done as a sticker - Or non-avatar format - or both. Email Stickers@Live.ca to contact me (Or send a private message here) for what the stickers can be applied to, what the end result is like, sizes, and prices (It is done as non-profit, so even international mail is cheap).

    Examples of previous avatars:


    Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoy the designs, and possibly, the stickers!

    *C*: I hereby grant you, the user, rights to use the graphic design presented to you on, and only on, the official RIFT forums (forums.RIFTgame.com). You may use it in any way you would like, as long as it does not leave these forums. You may be gifted rights for use to the image by hp94 in writing (in a digital or written format) to ignore or supercede the previous rights limitations.
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