Pony Rules of the internet. In as safe of a way as possible, in order.

1: 4chan is a forum.
2: Really, 4chan IS a forum.
3: What is a "bronie?" I am not a bronie. I am a pony.
4: I stand alone.
5: Wait, what was it that you ticked me off over?
6: *refers to some racist joke*
7: Derpy forgot his delivery.
8: If I want to avoid being banned, there ARE indeed rules about posting.
9: Am I drunk enough?
10: I HATE ALL RIVALS. Screw you too, Gary!
11: My carefully picked arguments are always ignored. But my random ones go rampant.
12: They gave me a bronze star.
13: How do you ponify this?
14: Unless you stare them down.
15: I tried for 80 years. I wasnt even half way to a cutie mark.
16: I dont fail. I lose. (You lost the game)
17: Even The Game?
18: I hate haters. They have so much hate, they cant be loved.
19: Thats why I stand alone.
20: Not even death?
21: This is original.
22: (copy) This is original.
23: (copy) This is original.
24: Not on Android.
25: Therefore, if we lock the post here, then it will be 0% in a direction towards ponies, because the first topic is completely about breaking the first 50 rules.
26: Even one that started as ponies?
27: Is that guy a lessie?
28: Is he really a woman? O_O
29: If we are all ponies, then therefore, all ponies are kids. Which inso means we are all undercover FBI agents.
30: I proved we are all kids. No girls.
31: I cant break this one. This is sexually explicit.
32: I'll take a snapshot of my typing this.
33: She would laugh at this. IF she were on the internet, but that would be a paradox.
34: Of course there is. Im breaking the pony variant of these rules. But there isnt a pony pony variant.
35: You need to create it to follow this one.
36: You cant have a non-ponified picture of a pony picture.
37: Even attempting that, 34/(nothing) results in an error. There is no "group" with which to allocate numbers, leading to an infinite number, because as you get smaller and closer to 0 it increases.
38: The skies await.
40: I do? AAAAAA *crash*
41: Maybe so.
42: Agreed.
42.5: Oh computers and internet... I revere you...
43: Or the more corrupt it is, the more they feel the need to further corrupt it. Therefore, you need the middle line between purity and absolute corruption in order to avoid corruption.
44: Or on a forum.
45: I said "hi" to it. It was quite friendly.
46: You never know. Nekos would be cute...
47: Its actually open. Just opened for this post.
48: Meow!
49: Actually, a KITTEH leads another.
50: No comment.