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Thread: @To those who buy MMOG gold online.......

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    Default @To those who buy MMOG gold online.......

    ........you might be supporting pseudo-slavery:


    Usually, when a person is in prison, playing video games is the last thing they would expect to be doing. Oddly enough, a prisoner at the Jixi labor camp in north-east China says he and his inmates were forced into "farming virtual gold" after a hard day of physical labor.

    Recounted by former prisoner 54-year-old Liu Dali, nearly 300 prisoners were forced to play massive multiplayer online games (MMOs) as part of their punishment. For those who don't know, "farming gold" is the "practice of building up credits and online value through the monotonous repetition of basic tasks." For example, you might earn "gold" for slaying a monster only you'd be doing that over, and over, and over.

    Clocking in some time in World of Warcraft might seem like a nice reward, but consider this: the prisoners had to play for nearly 12 hours and they had quotas!

    "If I couldn't complete my work quota, they would punish me physically. They would make me stand with my hands raised in the air and after I returned to my dormitory they would beat me with plastic pipes. We kept playing until we could barely see things."

    The virtual gold that the prisoners earned would then be sold off by prison guards, sometimes netting them nearly $1,000 a day. Unfortunately, the prisoners, who are well, pretty much slaves, never received any share of the money.

    This is all pretty insane news because "gold farming" is big business in China. We just didn't know that it was that big that even labor camp guards wanted in on the market too. The next time you consider buying virtual gold or letting some gold farmer in China level up your online avatar, reconsider, because it could be a Chinese prisoner who's going blind for you.

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    That sad part about this is that the players who buy gold create this market, and feel they are well within there rights to do so. I had a debate with a guy in 1-9 about how since he is a parent, and works full time he doesn't have time to farm mmo money, so he sees no problem with buying it. Also, since I told him I too am a parent and work, he concluded that I must be a bad parent. Never mind I have 16 month old children that know their ABC and can count.

    Anyhow, I kinda feel bad that when I camp and kill gold farmers that some poor guy in prison isn't meeting his quota and will get beat IRL for it. It would be nice if the developers of these games could come up with an ultimate solution to stop this practice once and for all. It seems Trion has tried very hard to do so, but with such a market out there, and a potential for earning, people will continue to try to get around various preventive measures.

    I don't know what can be done to stop it once and for all, perhaps some kind of way to buy platinum through the company at a rate that would pretty much take any profit out of it. It seems Rift is not centered around money as much, so I don't think it would be game breaking if some kid can talk his parents into buying him a couple thousand platinum. Maybe even implement a platinum trade in for game time.

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    Long ago in the world of MMOs if you bought in game currency you were shunned. It was frowned upon because for gold farmers to get money it effected nearly everyone elses ability to get gold and so by supporting gold sellers you were in turn helping hurt your realm mates.

    Now days though due to gold sellers and their ability to influence an economy MMO creators have made currency much easier to make and in ways that aren't influenced by other players to such a large degree (dailies compared to grinding mobs).
    From what I have seen and heard, now days people are more annoyed with the spam that comes with the gold sellers then their effect on over all gameplay (which has been lessened due to design).

    There is also the point of MMOs (WoW in particular since it has such a huge population) promotes buying in game items for IRL money. I was just talking to a guy in guild chat yesterday who came out and stated how he bought gold like it was just a normal thing, which kind of caught me off guard. He had bought $2 worth of plat so that he could buy items for his character to speed up the leveling process. He didn't see the difference between that and paying $10 extra dollars so that he could get a turtle mount, and honestly, I dont see the difference either (except the $2 worth of plat is a much better deal).

    MMOs are no longer the kind of game where you buy the box, pay the monthly subscription and that's it, the companies themselves now promote buying additional ingame items with IRL money which helps blur the line when it comes to buying ingame currency.

    I dont buy gold, I dont agree with buying gold and I continue to shun those who do buy gold, but one must look at this problem realisticly.
    The fight against gold sellers will never be won as long as the MMO companies promote selling ingame items for real money, no matter what measures they take to combat it.

    If anyone has played FF14 they know the measures SE went to in order to combat gold sellers.... needless to say it made the game unfun for everyone.
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    If one buys gold, they're not about to talk about it. That's the rule. ;)

    I'd be more than willing to buy gold just because it goes to making criminals into slaves. On the other hand, anyone that thinks Asia is the only continent with goldsellers has no clue about certain people in the U.S. ;)
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