FragWorld MMO Community Manifesto Summit - LINK HERE

What It Is:
The MMO Manifesto Summit, hosted by, is an opportunity for leaders of MMO communities to have their voices heard by the developers of various MMO games. Our goal during the meeting is to form a summary of features that MUST be included in contemporary MMO games. We call it the MMO Manifesto.

We are inviting the MMO Community to come together to provide input into the Manifesto which will be presented to developers (Trion Worlds included) at E3. Guild Leaders, podcasts, fansites, MMO press and other leaders Sign up for the event HERE and lets hear your ideas!

When And Where Is It?
Date: Wednesday, June 1st, 2011
Time: 9:00PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)
Team Speak 3 Server IP:

Download Team Speak 3 HERE

How To Attend:
Please go to the EVENT PAGE and add a comment with your guild name at the bottom of the site. We encourage you to add any topics that you wish to discuss during the meeting.

Please only 2 representatives from each community/guild.

List of Topics:
Guild Housing
Armory in and Out of game with stats
Guild System in and out of game
All games should have PvP and PvE Elements
Mini Games
Arena Style Team combat
Anticheating, Anti hacking and Antiphising
A LUA based add on system
More beta testing
more guild involvement
more social networking features
PvP, PvE, RP Servers > More Server Options
Objective based large scale PvP
More viable endgame crafted gear
Built in VoiP
Customizable Personal Housing
Persistant world features (ability to take and hold territory)

You can add your suggestions as well and we will come up with a final list together.

Thanks and hope to see you there.