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Thread: The ultimate MMO announcement -- twist-a-wish revisited

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    Default The ultimate MMO announcement -- twist-a-wish revisited

    Okay, forum game!

    I post an MMO announcement. Next person posts a complaint about the problems with the announcement, and tries to write an announcement that no one can think of a way to complain about.

    EverCraft Online is pleased to announce that we've reached our financial goals for the year, and will be allowing everyone to play free for the rest of the year, without subscription charges.
    Oceanic players are one day further into the year than NA players, so we're getting screwed on this. Why should we have to pay for more of the year than the NA customers? ECO's continued mistreatment of Oceanic players is unacceptable.
    Okay, now your turn! (Please stick with "EverCraft Online" so we don't have forum readers getting confused as to where these announcements came from.)

    For Immediate Release

    EverCraft Online is pleased to announce that our previously-announced expansion pack, Everything You Wanted Ever is available immediately, and that rather than charging $40 for the expansion, we are providing it free to all current and future subscribers. Have fun with the new content, and thanks from all of us at ECO!
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    (This sounds fun! Unfortunately I had nothing to add, though I thought I did.)
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