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Thread: Sozu's hip hop remixes!

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    Default Sozu's hip hop remixes!

    Yes, I do more than play Rift in my spare time! One of my favorite things to do is produce hip hop beats and remix hip hop songs. Most of my beats I make from scratch using Fruity Loops Studio Pro 9.1

    If you dont like hip hop you need not click any links...But if you do, check em out

    My most recent remix is one of my favorites. I took an Eminem Acapella and remixed it using samples from System of a Down song called Soldiers Side. I'm very happy with how it turned out! Check it out!

    Eminem ~ When I'm Gone [Sozu remix]

    Some of my other remixes that I feel turned out really well:

    Busta Rhymes ~ Dangerous [Sozu remix]
    Busta Rhymes ~ Put Your Hands... [Sozu remix]
    Nas ~ Hate Me Now [CT remix]
    Dr Dre ~ Still Dre [CT remix]

    I have a lot more on my youtube channel and currently working on another new Eminem remix. Hope peeps enjoy. I put a lot of work into most of them.
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