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Thread: Top keywords in search

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    Really? Why look for that on a RIFT site?
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    I think I noticed that the first time I used the Rift forums.

    You do know that people with far too much free time on their hands can search for the same item over and over, skewing the search results?

    There was a time when you could search for "French military victories" on Google, and the automatic search assist tool would ask if you meant "French military defeats." http://politicalhumor.about.com/libr...yvictories.htm.

    (I hope the link to a website with "political" as part of its name does not constitute a political discussion. I am not talking about politics! I only want to show the picture, but I don't know how to put a picture in a post, or if that's possible.)

    Unless there is an algorithm to detect and discard artificial search results, or one of the IT people manually deletes that search term, you will see weird search results like that.

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