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Thread: Witcher 2!

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    Default Witcher 2!

    After the disgrace that was Dragon Age 2... perhaps Bioware should play this game and take notes. The beginning absolutely blew me away, and the game is downright beautiful!
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    At last, we have a new long messiah of rpgs, it's breathtakingly good.
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    It's great, but flawed. Quite a few things that still need fixing, like the difficulty level being way out of whack on some bits and the camera being a royal PITA when moving through doorways. Also I'm a bit disappointed about the consoley feel to the control scheme, mainly as they promised us a true PC game and yet the control scheme is very clearly console-oriented. It works on the PC, but it still feels rather uncomfortable and downright clumsy at times (like trying to target enemies - I feel like I might as well play with a blindfold on sometimes).

    Aside from those few points of criticism though it's a great game and I'm really enjoying it. I think the graphics are well-done and worthy of a 2011 game (provided you have the *cough* non-ATI *cough* system to run it maxed out), the music and ambience is great and the storyline clearly got a lot of attention. I'm hesitantly going to call this "The Witcher Age 2", or "what Dragon Age 2 should have been". That's how I feel about it atm.
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