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    Thumbs up Idea...

    I was reading some of my daily read's -- and it got me thinking. What if Rift had a small area, where Guardians and Defiant could go -- now in this area it would be Steampunk -> totally.

    You could "buy" gear from the merchant that would allow you to deck yourself out in Steampunk gear and such.

    This area would be about as large as Freemarch. Have its own capital city. A race that would be there would be the Ancient Carlith. They would be a tall slender race of tanned people. The Rifts, them selves have not shown themselves in Hithonal. However, the Carlith, have scouts who have seen the Rifts, and reported back to the Council what they are. They are prepared to defend themselves from the Rifts with their special weapons. Now since they are Steampunk these weapons are very large and take a bit of skill to move them into place. Usually a 5 man group to move them. These would make the Rift larger, much more deadly, but once started they would eliminate the Rift in a matter of minutes...but all the while, the Carlithians fighting the Rift spawns.

    I think this could be a cool "patch" or what ever you would like to call it.

    Thank you for reading...and comment please...I would like for you too. Even it is bad, I guess. But I just ask you to get your flames to yourself. As this is just an idea.
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    I am so totally confused.

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