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Thread: Id theft'd

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    Default Id theft'd

    So my mom told me this morning that she got an email from her provider that someone tried to hack her email account for personal info (id theft possibly?) Anyway they were only able to get her name and email, being only 19 and having no experience with this kind of thing and her being an old lady and not really understanding this stuff either is there someone/ an agency of she can talk to?
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    Hey. Sorry to hear about that.

    I worked as an Analyst in Credit & Collections for many years, so here is what you do. Have your mom contact the 3 Credit Reporting Agencies, Equifax, Transunion, & Experian. She should ask them to flag her account for possible ID theft. Then if anything new or suspicious comes up she will be notified. Also, of course, she should contact her Credit Card companies.

    Credit bureaus
    P.O. Box 740256
    Atlanta, GA 30374
    (800) 685-1111
    Website: www.equifax.com
    P.O. Box 2002
    Allen, TX 75013
    (888) 397-3742
    Website: www.experian.com
    TransUnion LLC
    P.O. Box 2000
    Chester, PA 19022
    (800) 888-4213
    Website: www.transunion.com

    Good luck, let's hope it was just her email address that they got.
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