Ok So one of my hobbies is to think of game ideas and flesh them out as much as possibl... its just a hobby right now but hopefully one day with enough education and connections ill actually be able to release at least one game.

Anyway, i have noticed a few trends in MMO's that cause people not to play and actually disrupt some peoples ability to play in the form of we dont want this or that class because .. this class can do what this class can better so why not just bring this and iv been trying to come up with solutions to this problem .. cuz no one likes it when u role a class that the rest of the community in whatever game considers useless. due to patches and the like.

One of my thoughts was making the instance a little randomish and give each class a skill or so that can be used to skip thru certain parts or work around parts ie Warriors get a skill called Break thru which if the game generates a certain wall type warriors can break thru it and therefor bypass certain areas of the dungeon it wouldnt always be in the dungeon but having a warrior just in case it does show up would be nice and give the chance to bypass trash mobs if you so choose and if u dont have a warrior but run across that particular wall then you would know

Each class would offer something else in addition to the typical archtypes of dps,tank,heals. so while not requred it would be a good idea to bring everyone into the fight.

Another thought i had was modifying the armor stat in both pvp and pve so that different armors defende better against different dmg types so .. using rift for an example Rogues .. all of them do a base peircing dmg Casters stay the same each spell does a certain type of dmg and warriors do slashing/Smashing dmg ... skills modify attack types so detonate for instance would do Piercing and Smashing. Also weapons contribute to one or the other or both then in both PVE and PVP you would have to try and determine the type of defense the enemy has and effectivly choose the right class for the job. now most regiular mobs would always be static but raids and instances would change randomlly which would make it impossible to determine what you should take in in advance as you would have no way of knowing if your
1k dps warrior would be doing 1k dps or would it be pulling 700 due to slashing or bludgeoning resistance by the mobs in the dungeon.

Idk if this would be a good idea or not but i felt like posting it so tell me what you guys think .. or not