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Thread: Trion Scammed me out of a subscription, you could be next

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    Default Trion Scammed me out of a subscription, you could be next

    So I try to login tonight and get the "your account has been disabled" message meaning I either ran out of game time or have been banned. SO I go ahead and check my emails, nothing from Trion whatsoever so I figure "Well, definitly not a ban" I go check out my account management and it lists my subscription as expired, which looks suspsicious to me since my wife who bought the game at the same time as me still has 16 days left on hers from our free month.

    So I figure meh, probably a mix up, I'll re-suscribe the account that should do it. So Trion takes the 15 bucks from my credit card and now tells me "Hey, your account is now good 'til may 1st"

    Cool right? Nope, still can't login.

    So not only did Trion fail to inform me of why the hell they apparently banned me, they also purposedly made me purchase more subscription for a dead account.

    There's something seriously wrong with this game company and this is the final nail in the coffin for me, watch yourselves folks, Trion can't be trusted.

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    so you never even tried to contact them by email or phone? perhaps do that first before accusing of scamming.

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    Hi everyone,

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