Now is it just me, but I played WoW for 9 months as my friends and I wanted to play a fantasy game last year that wasn't a total mess and didn't have neccessary micro transactions to play even though claiming it was F2P. I know many of you hate it now, but it is probably because you are more burned out and sick of the nerf/op/nerf/op cycle and gear fest it turned into. Leveling and normal dungeons on the way are fine. It is the end game where it becomes mad.

But in all this time one of the main feture that many people were asking for time after time.....after time, was that Heirloom items be able to go to any character on their account. Blizz said time after time.....after time, that they would have liked to do this.....but that they had insurmountable technical difficulties to do this.

Oh...look at the latest beta patch notes posted on their unofficial chat site and leak to get the fanbolys sqqueeling site, look at ITEMS

Hehe, all the releases this year seems to have them finally looking at their customer service model. Well done Trion. I don't hate Blizzard or WoW, the fact I am here playing Rift is because I prefer this type of fantasy to the cartoon ones. If you implode for some reason and they are the only decent one going at the time I will in all event go back there. But you, it would appear, have given them a wake up call of the First Magnitude. Well done.