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Thread: i had a dream...

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    Default i had a dream...

    Some weird dream last night before patch. the setting was Stillmor kind of. anyway, there was a mass war going on where it was Guardians vs Defiant The leaders were there as well. while they fought i noticed that everyone had a different type of trollface mask. some where mexican trollfaces with these mexican hats on, others had Amish, jews, Christians, Blacks, Muslims, asians and the original Trollface on. after about 3 minutes into the fighting a huge Flying male you know what fly out over the mountains and all the trollfaces turn into serious faces. The defiant and guardians work together to kill the flying male you know what. healers are healing, dps are dpsing, and tanks are tanking. after its dead and we take our loot a rift spawns up and WoW leaders/players come out of the rift. rows upon rows of WoW players in marching status charge at the mass amount of Gaurdians/Defiant. PVP WAS EVERYWHERE. In the beginning the WoW players were wining but after the Rift players regrouped and stomped there faces in and pee'd on their corpzes. After the fighting everyone starts cheering/dancing. Then the patch comes and everyone gets kicked out. after this i wake up and realized i pissed in my bed.


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    lol, a WoW rift would be awesome. <3

    I want to rift over to LOTRO and kill the hobbits. Imagine how fun that would be if the games just connected like that.

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    PvPeyote happens?
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    A very good friend of mine studies/interprets dreams and I showed him this. After a bit of analyzing he came to this conclusion:

    Stop drinking coke/eating bad burritos and make sure you pee before going to bed.

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