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Thread: Best Online FPS Game Ever

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    Thumbs up Best Online FPS Game Ever

    was released 10 years ago yesterday (28 March, 2001). Tribes 2. Happy B-Day T2!

    I've never had more fun in an online FPS, and for 1000s of hours.

    Why I think it is the greatest to date:
    1. Balance. Every tactic, loadout, and scenario had a counter.

    2. Depth. So many different options and play styles. So many different roles one could play to provide variety (capper, heavy off. heavy def, med base assault, mid light, light def, and on and on).

    3. Maps, maps maps. Huge open world maps, not small sandboxes (unless you liked arena deathmatch style matches) Active mapping community created 1000s of different maps. Many were bad, but many were awesome. If you played on a server with a big rotation, you could go a week without playing the same map twice.

    4. Jetpacks and 'skiing'. Jetpacks provided a robust 3rd dimension to the FPS, and skiing provided speed which made movement and combat more fun and challenging. I've never felt such freedom of movement in other FPSs.

    5. Vehicles. Done right and not overpowered which is a problem with vehicles in newer games. Vehicles encouraged team play. Nothing more awesome that 2 full troop transports (2 pilots, 10 heavy offense) with fighter escort coming in to attack the opponents base.

    5. Sniping. Done right, no 1 shot 1 kill. A head shot on light armor (lowest hit points) would do 90% dmg. Laser rifles so you could eventually pin down sniper locations requiring snipers to constantly be on the move.

    Still a small community active today and free to play (www.tribesnext.com). Only a few servers left and they usually only get active at prime playing times, but still great fun to be had. You have to have a thick skin though as you will be going up against players with 10 years xp.
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    I absolutely hate Starseige Tribes and Tribes 2. Why?

    It ruined the FPS genre for me. Nothing has ever come close to how good those were. Best FPS ever made imo and miss them every day.

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    it was fun, but liked Unreal Tournament a little more.
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    Tribes 1 was awesome. I played T2 some but not nearly as much, it had many crashing issues etc. Btw, best team based FPS ever has to be Q2:Gloom. I used to play the crap out of it.

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