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Whole translation of the interview I posted above. I especially like what they are doing for endgame

buffed: What do you do in GW2 end game? Raids and dungeons?

Peters: Most important about GW2 is that we aren't talking about "endgame". That means the game isn't supposed to change a lot, just because one hit the maximum level. While you level you do events, dungeons, if you want to, you do world PvP, and that's just what you will do at level 80. Who enjoyed events will roam the world and search for them. Who preferred instances will visit some specifically made for level 80 and some already visited. For that there is a special repetition mode with new and different tasks.

buffed: But usually people visit instances to get good equipment. Don't you have to do that in GW2?

Peters: No, you won't be forced to do so. You can get good equipment out of large dynamic events or world PvP. The difference between dungeon, event, and PvP equipment will primarily be the appearance and not how good it is.

buffed: Does the same apply for crafted equipment?

Peters: Absolutely. There is high level crafted equipment. Anyways, the most important thing about equipment is that you can transfer the attributes of one item to another item, if it looks better. Of course, it has to be the same type of item.

buffed: You mentioned world PvP, could you explain that quickly?

Peters: Sure, the idea is to call all worlds (that is servers) once a week to a large battle. The time interval might still change. For three servers at a time one area will be generated - right now we got four different giant battlefields - in which you fight over strategic points like fortresses, watch towers and sawmills.

buffed: Doesn't that mean that alliances between two sides will form to dispatch the third?

Peters: Well, that's possible, but there are no means of direct communication between the servers. But that's exactly the reason why we chose three sides for PvP. If one side dominates the other two can cooperate with unspoken agreement. If one of the weaker sides becomes the strongest then the alliances might change again. It just doesn't make much sense if 200 players from server A conquer everything and the 30 players that server B and C can bring each are even fighting among each other.

buffed: Regarding crafting: You can combine ingredients to discover recipes?

Peters: Exactly, we want that players experiment to discover new things.

buffed: Are these recipes always the same? Meaning three chunks of wood, some leather, and two rods of iron always create a great axe? Or does that vary?

Peters: It'll always be the same arrangement. We want to encourage experimentation, but we also want to reward the players if they have discovered something. Thus, once someone knows a recipe they'll always be able to use it again.

buffed: The Mesmer will be the next class, which you quite certainly can not confirm. But will you at least tell us which armor the next class will wear?

Peters (laughs): We won't tell which classes are still to come. But well, one will wear light and one will wear medium armor, I can tell you that much. The people expect a lot and we know that many enjoy mind tricks and aspects like that. And we'll quite certainly not disappoint those people.

buffed: Guild Wars was really successful, all in all you sold seven million copies. Do you think GW2 could be even more successful?

Peters: I hope so. We implemented many great ideas in Guild Wars already and we now specifically addressed the issues of the game and the genre and improved upon them. We want to avoid that players are always competing in PvE areas: Who gets the resource node? Who kills the monster? That prevents teaming up and the feeling of working towards a common goal. We want to create a world which the players like to enter to play together.
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