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Thread: Trion, Hear me out.

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    Default Trion, Hear me out.

    I purchased trion from gamestop, and with it a 6 month sub, thus ending my sub to world of warcraft and my 7 year career with it. Everything was perfect about rift, the ascended soul system blows away dual spec beyond reproach. The graphics are stunning. Day three, I am playing on my dwarf, and right click my pet to rename it, I am playing ong on ultra settings as I have been for the past three days, all of a sudden for no ryhme or reason, my fps drops from 60's, to 10, to where it's so choppy I can't even play, the only solution was to play in quality renderer, with all settings on low as possible, Please don't try and say it's a hard drive malfunction because I spent hours talking with my tech support, which my manufacturer has provided, it is dell and my cpu is an alienware, that's not the point, they said it's a software issue, I followed all the steps provided by trion. Updated every driver, changed the settings with my graphics driver according to their support page, I ran a virus scan, I started on clean mode, wtih no startup programs, I set the firewall to allow every program with the name rifton it, I configured my nvid control panel to use default with rift with trions instructions, The list can go on for days, I basicly did everything they told me to do, and my problem is not fixed. I am as we speak reinstalling the game client via their website, [erhaps it was a problem due to the client being installed by disk. Please no flamers, trolls or anything saying, "YOUR PC SUX BRO" it's not my PC it's their engine! Please trion find a fix before I cancel my sub, thank you.

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    Well, their engine definitely isn't the most optimized thing in the world, but their engine is not at fault for you loosing 50fps all of the sudden. You're already reinstalling the game, which would have been my first suggestion, so kudos. That should fix it if all of your hardware is good. I've certainly not had this problem, nor have the majority of other players, so if that doesn't fix it, then it IS a hardware / software issue on your end and I'd bank on hardware.
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