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Thread: Favorite and Most Hated Internet English words

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    Default Favorite and Most Hated Internet English words

    Let me start off this post by saying I am not a grammar **** or English Major.

    Sometimes I hate the Internet and what it has done to the written word and language in general.

    I must admit though that some of the stuff people come up with is great.

    I am conflicted, and my conflict inspired me to write a post to ask people what their favorite and most hated words\terms used on the Internet are.

    My Favorites include: Interwebs, pwnd't and MOAR.

    Most Hated are: Bads, Baddies, and the overuse of fail.

    What are your favorites\Most hated words & terms?
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    My most hated is currently 'fanboi'. WHEN DID PEOPLE DECIDE THIS NEEDED TO BE SPELLED WRONG!?! It was already an insult.

    I tend to overuse 'epic' and 'lol', personally, but not to a point where the most trivial things are epic or hilarious. Generally, when I say 'epic', we're talking about Manowar or railguns.
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    This guy are sick.

    ^ A classic. Points to those who get it.

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