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Thread: Virgin media nightmare

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    Default Virgin media nightmare

    These guys are unbelievable!
    Last month in Feb i phoned them to pay my bill which i did and when I asked the operator on the other-side if it cleared my account he said "yes"

    So this month i decide to phone them and pay my bill- Lo and behold I am told it is 70!!!
    What the bloody hell happened from a 0 balance account in Feb to a 70 this month- they claim that a bill was produced on the same day I paid so that it incurred a late payment fine and that I didn't pay this month due to their website e-billing page been down that I incurred another charge!

    These people are scamming their customers anyway they can to get money!

    How can a company be so scrupulous and try rob their customers so badly? have they no common decency any-more or is it squeeze as much as they can from their customers as possible!
    Ever since BT have been given bad reviews due to their inability to give decent speeds to alot of people due to their old copper wiring- I feel virgin media know this and try rob their customers blind as they know people will be forced into paying these ripoff charges and have no choice.

    I cannot quit virgin media where i live due to been to far from a BT exchange which only gives me a speed of under 1 meg.

    Virgin media-worst broadband rip-off company in the UK!!

    PS I ended up having to pay the full 70 as the guy on the phone told me i have two options- either pay the bill or have my service cut- how honestly nice and accommodating these lot are!

    Karma is a ***** and they will get their up-commence one day!
    it means whatever just happened is worse than an "error #2000" but not as bad as an "error #2002"?

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    Didnt you ask for an itemised bill ?

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