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Thread: New mmo?

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    Default New mmo?

    Has anyone else seen that lego is coming out with a lego mmo? lol this made me laugh im not sure why . . . opinions?

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    I played the first free month, but not paid any subs nor do I intend to.

    It's good for a week but by then you've got a fully top tier geared character without really trying. The hardest enemies in the game can be solo'd and the grouping mechanism was taken out before launch. Communication is difficult because the chat is white listed - security over usability issue here. However, it was a stable release with only one area suffering from lag.

    It really is a kids game, the world is small and its over in a week... everything seems bubble wrapped to stop player interactions - it feels like a single player game with other people around. Every now and again you get big popups in massive fonts going "WELL DONE!!!!".

    Gameplay wise its real time hack 'n' slash combat and it has some platforming elements - basically if you've played any of the LEGO games before its the same sorta formula. It has a couple of race tracks where you build LEGO cars and can race against other players which is quite nice.

    Its not bad certainly and has some good elements but it can all be done in a week and theres almost nothing multiplayer about it... I'd call it a Massively Online at best.

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    I recommend the LEGO series of games to kids in the 5-10 age range multiple times a week at work.

    I imagine anyone expecting more out of the LEGO MMO is going to be sorely disappointed.

    However, if I had a kid who was 7 or 8 and wanted to push buttons while I was out for a smoke or whatever? I'd get them this LEGO MMO so they could run around and play like daddy without having some idiot spewing profanities and obscenities at them.

    Also because I'd probably get a kick out of building my own little LEGO car and racing it against others, even if all I really do to control the car is press "GO!" or whatever it is in that game.

    Great way to bond with your kid, imo... and perhaps give them some independence for an hour before bed in the evenings (mandatory note: video games are not babysitters).
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    I could see seriousw possibilities for Lego meets Minecraft.

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    I was in the beta for a while. I could see something like a family plan for $5, mayyybe $7 a month, but at it's $15 per person (if they stuck with that) I don't see how anyone would play more than a few months.
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