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Thread: Pirates of the Burning Sea F2P

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    Default Pirates of the Burning Sea F2P

    Pirates of the Burning Sea is now F2P.

    Its a good game if you like RvR, PvP, boats, pirates, or player crafting.


    Probably the best part is that free accounts are not limited in level, and if you pay 15 dollars for a 1 month subscription, you get all the benefits of a paying member for that month and you keep most of those benefits after that month even if you stop paying (if you stop paying you wont be able to use their new endgame PvE content).

    Anyways just thought I'd let folks know. Sorry if this has been posted before.

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    I tried it for a short time.

    WAY too many instances, and there were invisible walls that kept me out of areas I could see.

    Both are big immersion breakers for me.

    But, thanks for the tip, I'm sure some will find it helpful.
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