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    Hello Player,

    If you have already registered a Glyph account before May 19, 2021, you may have noticed that you were again asked by us to agree to the Game Terms of Use when opening your game of choice through the launcher. This is due to the fact that we have updated our Terms of Use. We are introducing new Terms of Use for our Platform Glyph and new Terms of Use for the Games on Glyph. These Terms of Use will be effective for you beginning July 19, 2021 (even if you have to click them earlier).

    We have also updated the Privacy Policy of gamigo US Inc. and introduced a Privacy Policy of gamigo Publishing GmbH on Glyph.

    You and all other current Glyph users will be prompted to agree to these new Terms of Use in order to continue playing. An email will soon be sent to you and all other current Glyph users, giving you more information on this change. This email is sent to the email associated with your user account, please check your Spam folder if you do not find it. Glyph accounts created after May 18, 2021, will not get this email, as they will have agreed to the new Terms of Use when creating their account and logging in.

    Thank you all and happy gaming!
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