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    Default Let's Celebrate 20 Years of gamigo!

    gamigo is turning 20 years old! 20 years of memories, ups and downs, friendships, soulmates, enemies and kinship. We would like to share our happiness with you all in the form of events, challenges, social media and forum activities, and much more! There will be tons of chances to win some amazing prizes, such as gaming devices, hoodies and thousands of Euros of in-game currencies across our dozens of games!

    Since this is the perfect opportunity to show you all how much you mean to us, we will also have a very special tiered reward system with special bundles. Every time we hit a goal you will be rewarded for your favorite games. Our communities make us the amazing gaming company we are today, we never could have done any of it without you! You all make this a gaming family; you are the heart and soul of this 20th anniversary celebration. Thank you!

    All that is happening:

    Anniversary Points Ė Win cool stuff!
    You can win Anniversary points in weekly challenges and screen shots event and via voucher codes!

    Compete in server challenges and be the best of your game to win anniversary points. The first one has already started, check it out here!

    Screen Shots
    Mimic the posted screen shot and win anniversary points. The first one has already started, check it out here!

    Watch in-game, social media pages, Discord chats, and forums for surprise vouchers codes. There is no rhyme nor reason to when or where they will pop-up. They will only pop-up in one location at a time, so keep your eyes peeled for them. The first 10 players to redeem the voucher will earn 500 Anniversary Points, the small gift is yours to keep of course! Be quick and donít miss out.

    What can I win?
    Gather the most anniversary points to rank in the leaderboard for your game. If you manage to stay on the leaderboard by the time the event is fully finished, you will receive a cool prize and be entered into a raffle for a Mouse and Keyboard bundle as well as game cash for your game.

    Want to keep an eye on your points? Then watch the Leaderboard!

    Special Bundles with a kick!
    Special Shop Bundles have been created and each purchase helps progress the bar towards a goal to earn cool prizes or events that can be received and enjoyed by everyone!

    Elder Vermin Wings, Bundle 3

    Check out the Bundles HERE!

    Special bundle purchases from all games will help move the bar.

    These are the fun things you can unlock:

    Level 1
    2 Greater Experience Vials
    2 Great Favor Vials

    Level 2
    3 Dark Levitation Supply Crate

    Level 3
    10 Tenebrean Planar Attuner

    Level 4
    1 Fabulous Moosedantix

    View the progress of the bundle tiers anytime on the Anniversary Website!

    Share your moments
    Share with us your most memorable moment from any gamigo game for the past 20 years
    Wish us a happy birthday!

    Wanna know how, check out the website!

    Important Information:

    Winners will be published at the end of the month when all events have ended, and everything tallied. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we take the time to ensure everything is counted properly before we announce the winner.

    Anniversary Point Ranking and Bundle Progression
    The Anniversary Point rankings and Special Bundle progression bar will not be auto updated, they will be updated once per normal workday to reflect the goings on from the past hours. We do not have an exact time this will happen, nor do we guarantee it will happen over the weekend. Only the top 50 users on the rankings will be visible, and rankings will be split per game. All point totals for all users, even those not in the top 50, will still be saved.

    Names in the rankings will be displayed with asterisks blocking all except the first and last letter of the ranked partyís name (for example O****N instead of ORION). There will be a voucher item available to anyone who wants/agrees to have their full name displayed in the ranking on the anniversary. By using the voucher item, you will be agreeing to have your full character name available to everyone who views the page: SHOWYOURNAME20RIFT
    The name that will be displayed in the ranking, will be the name of the first character you login on you account, after redeeming the SHOWYOURNAME20RIFT voucher.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Visit our FAQ for more information!

    Rules of participation for contests
    1. Everyone who participates must be at least 18 years old.
    2. Employees of gamigo AG or their relatives, and Game Masters or their relatives are not allowed to participate.
    3. Participants will be entered to win the prizes mentioned in the event description.
    4. If gamigo has reasonable suspicion of the violation of these rules, then gamigo reserves the possibility to exclude those persons from participating. In those cases, itís possible to revoke prizes afterwards and draw a new winner.
    5. The prize cannot be transferred to another person and cannot be paid as cash. gamigo reserves the right to replace single prizes with equivalent or superior prizes. Itís not possible to give prizes to underage persons.
    6. If there are disagreements regarding the rules, the process or results of the raffle, then the decision made by gamigo is final. It is not subject to legal recourse.
    7. The data is confidential and will be handled by gamigo according to the legal data protection regulations.
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    Dear Community,

    The results of the gamigo 20th Anniversary are finally in!

    Due to privacy and security issues, we can only display the nicknames of the Top10. Each participated in the Anniversary Raffle. Sadly, no players from Rift won, but if you participated in #gamigo20 for a different gamigo game, please check out those game's list of winners.

    Our Top 10 will each receive a Dark Levitation Supply Crate. In order to receive the reward, please contact CM Elariok in the forum via private message, letting him know, which character you would like to receive the Supply Crate on.

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