Dear Community,

we would like to announce some changes that were made in regard to the structure of our Rift forums. German (DE) and French (FR) communities will from now on have their own forums. As a result, every announcement made by the Rift team will be posted in the language's respective forum.

In addition to that, there will be new sub-forums for all 3 languages.

Sales: In here, you will always find our latest sales.
Events: This forum, including it's sub-forums, will have information on all organized events.
Rules and Guidelines: This forum will have guidelines and rules on how to use our forums and what should be avoided while playing on our servers - including a guide on how to report players that are not playing by these rules!
Rift-Team: You will find information about members of the Rift-Team, together with our Volunteer-Recruitment-Thread, in here.

Note that not all rules and guides have been translated yet and will be gradually added to their respective forums.

Best wishes,
your Rift-team!