Dear Community,

The quarantine is difficult for all of us and you miss all those with whom you always had fun and joy. Who doesn't like being part of a group and laughing, chatting, loving, etc ...

Do you miss your best friend, mother, father, grandma, rival, husband, wife etc. in your favorite game?

We invite you to #PlayApartTogether by encouraging those you miss the most to visit our #stayhome website and play your favorite game with you.

When your friends create a new account in Rift, they can immediately redeem a gift card code, making the first few hours in the game even more fun! Play Rift with your friends, family, and the people you miss the most!

People who play together stay in close contact and above all have a lot of fun with each other and that is what we are talking about here!

Stay at home! Stay safe! Play apart, but together with #gamigo!

We look forward to seeing you all in Rift soon.

Your Rift team