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    Default NA and EU Server Issues - We Are On It!


    We have some reports about issues on both NA and EU servers.
    Currently, you may experience a blank character selection page when logging in.
    Additionally, when trying to switch shards, a "server unavailable" message might appear.

    Our Team is actively working on this matter while I write this post.
    We thank you for your patience.

    RIFT Team

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    Default Scared

    Not gonna lie ..thought i had lost my chars

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    Default please check for bugs too

    Hi people,

    Cant' log into NA, stay on load screen, freezingt.
    about EU: can't open mails, inside mailbox show noone but i see mail icon below map,
    can't see anything at AH, nor price of item I try to put into AH.

    saw people blame again in chat about: "error free inventory space" bug.

    It lovely to put more cosmetics, but please tell me who gonna buy them if we can't even log?

    I actually would like to know more about color bundles, maybe you can post a chart for them?
    IMHO, they still too dear.

    Good luck with Rift, I continue slowly moving to WoW.
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