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    Default I wanted to be happy

    I started reading this and was very sad at the end of it. All I saw was old news; the event, fragments, and soul balancing has been promised for a while now. I just see no reason to pay for this game now. It seems the only reason I log on is, some long time friends that still log in. This while I appreciate that you took the time to write your customers, you still gave us old news. I for one, log in and stand around and log back out just long enough to collect my minions and say hello to my 2 to 3 guild members that are on. I want to come back, but I want reasons to. As for now I still hover over uninstall, because I am just tired of waiting for reasons to long in for more than 10 minutes.
    My 2 cents,
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    Well i've been just adopting the 'wait and see' for the past few months and looks like i'll still be adopting this 'wait and see' for a few months more.

    There's still nothing on the market that even comes close to the potential Rift has so i'll hanfg around a bit more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Holyroller12 View Post
    If the goal is to release content as it's ready then how does the team/company plan to tackle level cap increases in the future? As those typically come with expansion packs.

    Not really true, i see Blizzard are announcing plans or plan to actually scrap this idea and next Expansion or so they'll actually cut the Levels in half or even more from the current cap of 120.

    Rift is still a long way off a cap of 120 but it shows the concerns are there from other MMOs about going to ridiculous stats, power creeps and levels.

    Just make Ahnket win, crash the Comet into Telara, then we can start fresh, no Legendaries and scrap the planar fragments system, double win all around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slipmat View Post
    Not really true, i see Blizzard are announcing plans or plan to actually scrap this idea and next Expansion or so they'll actually cut the Levels in half or even more from the current cap of 120.
    It has been true up until this point. Hence my question about from this point forward (near or distant future) how are they going to handle level cap increases? I suppose it's not really a relevant question that needs to be answered at the moment though seeing as how we won't be seeing any real meaningful content for another several months, if that.

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    This is underwhelming, long have we waited for an update on the current situation and an outlook for the future of the game.

    In the last 6 months, all that was achieved was the release of a few features that were already in the pipeline before the acquisition and the fix of some minor bugs and balance issues. Meanwhile major bugs and exploits, like the jump bug, as well as class and skill imbalances are still in game and breaking the PvP experience.

    The transition to the cloud came with almost two months of continuous trouble and many downtimes for EU players and the NA servers also had some issues in between. Followed by two failed attempts of a server merge with no solution or plans announced after the second failure.

    All mounts and other cosmetics released in the past 6 months existed already before the acquisition, so it is questionable if there is any team for new assets left or if the remaining devs just have to recolor some old stuff in addition to their other tasks.

    The community asked many questions, both on Discord and the forums, but instead of addressing the questions directly, we get this letter which barely answers any of them. Everything “announced” here has already been known or announced in the past. At least two thirds of the questions have not even been addressed by those “general answers”.

    Okay, no more major expansions, I can kind of understand that. More dungeons, zones, raids etc. in shorter time frames sound fine to me, together with fixing the level 70 systems and balance (I hope the “more levels” part is just a mistake in the letter). That could somehow work out. However, since Vostigar Peaks and Bastion of Steel release, the “normal expansion time frame” already almost passed, and we have seen ONE dungeon since then and really nothing else except a few revamped events and battle pass. How is that a faster content release schedule? And seeing that nothing is really announced in this letter means for me that there is also nothing “ready to talk about yet”, aka either it will take many more months until it’s finished or there actually is nothing.

    It makes me really sad to see that much older, much crappier MMOs still get expansions and regular updates. Even a browser RPG from 2004 that I played a long time, maintained by single dev, gets weekly new maps, quests, bosses and regular forum communication etc. Many older MMORPGs have proven that in this genre you can ALWAYS win back players with good content, FFXIV, ESO, Runescape all had rough starts or phases, but they put work in and look where they stand now. Even SWTOR and Neverwinter seem to do kind of well.

    I'm not sure if RIFT will ever be able to recover to the player base of the 'big 4', but I'm sure you can generate a healthy, paying, sustainable playerbase with regular content updates and fixes.
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    First of all, Thank you Zyra for posting this. I work in customer support myself and I know that being the "first line of defense" is not usually fun.

    Secondly, as others already stated, the contents of the post is simply disappointing. While I can only imagine what it might be like picking up what trion left behind (must have been / be one hell of a mess), for a long-time raider, this is just not good enough. A vague mention of content that should be coming more regularly than every 1.5/2 years. We've been stuck with what I'd rank as one of Rift's Top 3 weakest raids for just about 20 months now. And we can't even get a rough timeline when something's coming next? Sry, this might just be the final straw

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    Greetings Ascended,

    Sorry for the delaly first of all, We were really happy to announce our special Unicorn event is returning with new zone event and new unicorn mounts. I know you were expecting to see this we are so excited about this new content as well.

    and addition to that we have a some secret plan for 2023, Its a very special year for us so we will give you a plenty of content.

    We are going the release our new raid, new zone even a new race and its going to be called ''white knight'' yes you heard it right. It has a very cool animation + skills.

    Rift has a special place in our heart and is one of our top games, so we are not surprised that you are curious as to what we have in store for you.

    Your Rift 2023 Team with love.

    Darkageman Rogue (Zaviel)

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    No new expansions, so you instead "plan to release new dungeons, raids, quests, and levels." Let's look at the plans for the next several months:
    • Daily Calendar Revamp
    • Battle Pass Season 2 (including a quest reroll feature!)
    • Refining the planar fragment system
    • Evaluating the critical chance % for planar fragments
    • Planar Fragment Price Changes
    • Reduced costs for the planar fragment system
    • Call to Action: Unicornalia,
    • We also plan to continue running our Call to Action (CTA) events on a biweekly basis, currently scheduled to run up until Summerfest starts and resume after the seasonal event ends.
    • Seasonal Events such as Summerfest.

    And now we collapse duplicates (like fragments, which appear four times) and summarize:
    • Daily login chores
    • Fragments
    • Recycled events

    None of those are new dungeons, raids, quests, or levels. Fragments in particular are a sore spot for many people, as we've been hearing promises of improvements for this painful system for years now. And instead of hiring people to work on even these paltry placeholder placebos, you hired some new middle management? Do you think a few tweets of "Try #riftgame 2day!" will make a difference?

    What was the point of posting this thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyra View Post
    Our plan for bringing new players into RIFT is by leveraging social media to foster organic growth. To meet this end, we’ve bolstered the RIFT community management team with two additional TBA Community Managers and hired a new Head of Community Management. With the added team members, we will eventually resume regular streams and other actions to draw new players into the game. With the new Head of Community Management taking the reins, improved communication between developers, the Community Managers and the Players is ensured in the future.
    I'll be frank here. Rift was one of the top MMO's on the market, most gamers know the title. Many are surprised it's still around. Mostly because NMT was a poor expansion and SFP has been a disaster. Plus Prime was an another example of what happens when titles are rushed out the door before it undergoes any testing.

    Suffice it to say the perception out there is that Rift, at one time, was one of the top MMO's on the market. But the title has been mismanaged and is currently in a very poor state.

    Does the management there honestly believe that live streams and tweets of cash shop fluff and seasonal events are going to grow the player-base? It hasn't worked for 2 years. Not sure why you'd think it would suddenly start working now.

    A new suite of Open World weekly raids like previous versions and a new raid with 6-8 bosses probably would. It might even get you some positive articles on MMOBomb and other gaming publications.

    While something like that would be very nice. The best type of advertising is word of mouth, people telling others what they're playing. Or seeing their friends list on Discord showing what game they're currently in.

    Currently the word of mouth is "There's nothing to do at endgame, class balance is out of whack, and bugs with abilities have gone unfixed for years. I'm bored and moving on..."

    Even in the Heroes of Telara Discord, most aren't playing Rift these days. That should tell you something right there.

    I think resuming livestreams is a great idea, but if you want to get MMO publications talking positively about this game and generate some goodwill from the players still left, focus on getting compelling new content out the door. Start seriously working on some adjustments with the soul trees and fixing abilities that aren't functioning properly. There's reports going back years on these forums that are still present in this game.

    Rift can still generate buzz. A great example of that was Rift Prime. It failed hard not because of interest or hype. But because the first impressions it left were terrible.

    It had poor class balance out of the gate due to being the same as the neglected souls on the live server.

    Barely any QC testing was done evidenced by the harsh xp curve, mystic archer arrow litter laging people out, normal dungeons being harder than expert versions. Just to cite a few examples.

    Again, there was hype and interest. And the first couple of weeks of Prime were fun...despite having completed every possible quest in Freemarch and still being under-level for the next zone lol.

    I guess the point is. Get the house in order with what your players interact with most... content, the soul trees, and abilities. It's what we've been asking for the most and the loudest, and longest.

    If growing this game is a serious goal, and you really want to recapture players who have left this game or change the perception of this title. Rewards calendars and unicorns won't do it.

    A real focus on improving the the actual game will.
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    Hmm ok so what new we learned ? We already knew that BP season 2 is coming, same with all the seasonal events.
    All Rift need right now is to release as soon as possible a new zone or two with new dungeons , a raid , new mounts, artifact sets etc. as a new mini expansion

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    Default What's new?

    Sorry Zyra. I know you are doing the best you can, and that you have to go with what your management wants. That said- there is nothing in your letter that gives anyone who plays or played Rift regularly any hope there will be more than fluff in the future. Holyroller and others were more succinct. I am just shaking my head. This sounds just like the way Trion did things- not tell anybody anything then add a letter that means nothing, take no suggestions from the player base, add fluff and stuff to appease the playerbase while dithering on making viable content. Nothing here that will bring any raiders back- nor anyone else really. My guild remains a ghost town and I see nothing that will bring anyone around.

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    A lot of negative replies here. I actually think the letter is okay, not great, but good. It is better than what we got from Trion. I am glad they are reducing prices on frag upgrades. It sounds as if they are planning to make new raids and dungeons, which is at least better than staying in a complete maintenance mode, even if it is not going to be released soon. Still better than nothing imo.

    Rift has not been on the fast track for a while now, so I think people have simply gotten numb to that. I will be glad to see anything new, for now it is simply something to do to keep me entertained and it might never be a top rated game like in the beginning, but it is still fun to play.

    As for the high-end raiders, I realize this is way too slow for new content. Also the pvp has been out of whack for a while, so i do hope those two areas are worked on quickly. Both of those areas are pretty key for development and maintaining a happier playerbase.
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    1. Thank you for FINALLY telling us something.
    2. It is a pity its is largely a repeat of things we were told pre-gamigo
    3. Content as soon as ready, sounds great...but we have been very patient already - time for a roadmap to help us help you entice new players.
    4. Please try and avoid the trap that TRION fell into - of too little too late, and too many uses of the word "soon".

    Have fun y'all, am busy trying to get some stuff together for my second ever livestream for extra life of which Rift will play a part. And if everyone is really nice I might even have some goodies to give away as prizes..Void drake and some other shiny things.

    That being said....still a lot more to be done to both reassure the playerbase, and drive numbers up...no slacking Gamigo!!!

    P.S...anything else happening around EU shard merges....

    P.P.S I can occasionally be found lurking in Tempest bay, or otherwise in a pile of other titles I dip in and out of...and a game I am not yet allowed to talk about...if you see my name it may well be me so don't be shy...
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    I understand its a cry baby, entitled, nerf everything that the elite few cry constantly about... but for the love of god just give us an expansion with 2-3 decent raids!!!

    Forget all the class balancing which really means oh noo mummy someone did 5 more dps than me or someone healed and i couldnt kill the pvp baddie... add in many QQ's about now

    Just leave EVERYTHING as it is and give us SOMETHING TO DO while we continue to cry and whine about the 5 extra dps someone did as those lot will always be the same. I just want to log in and have something to do... I couldn't care less about if my class is good or bad, ill just play another class until the roller coaster comes back my way. If I die in pvp then ill play the class that is killing me....

    I just want something to do when i log in...

    again insert QQ groupies about now but again I don't give a rats *** about those 5 people .. I just want to log in and have content, not BP, not fluff coming out of every thing i click, not a shiny store, not a calendar...

    I just want content ... and I think to be fair we have earned the right for some content after all the combined real money we have put into your weekly pay cheques?

    I just want content

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    Maybe not new content, but it would give an alternative..

    Remake Prime

    Make it a server where every player can join for one month with one account, 2 chars..

    skip the whole levelling/crafting/questing, but make it a feature shard...

    let it run for one month, in which you feature one of the classic raids, warfronts or 2 slivers from the same tier: . HK, GSB. Ros, Rotp, FT, whitefall, One month to run the shard, 1 month to set up the next Feature month.

    Everybody pays 500 credits for that shard/server to join, the access code/ Feature pass can be gifted, but will not give patron time for the liveshards at the same time. Patrons will just have the regular 10% discount on the credits price to join the feataure shard.

    everybody gets the same instant level boost needed for the raid/slier or w/e feature is active.
    Rewards for completing new quests/achievements can be wardrobe, dimension stuff, titles and one week patron for a monthly quest. The instances will be reset daily, same with any daily quest on the feature shard.

    Store will have stuff for sale for FCs.. feature coins. the feature coins will be removed from the shard 10 days after the last day has run, so people will have plenty time to spend those coins for any stuff available in the store..

    these can be mounts, pets, titles, dimension stuff, wardrobe.. The currency is earnt through the quests for the instances and through instance runs

    Nobody gets to move the char to a liveshard, it is simply an instant created char with gear basics that are the same for every specific calling.. so all rogues get the same stats, all warriors, all mages, clerics, primalist.. if people would want to create a new char on one of the live shards, they would have to join in on that account and claim one trove of 80% boosts to be claimed by a level 1 char on either the NA or the EU server and the trove would be bop

    The only difference in gear could be a necklace or seal specified for healing, tanking, or dps.

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    Default I gotta give some credit to Gamigo.

    Just remember folks that when the game was bought and taken over by this new company, none of us knew Rift's fate and some of us thought the game was over for good.

    Here we are short from a year later and Gamigo is at least trying to keep the game running. I think ya gotta count your blessings sometimes no matter how small.

    I'm not white Knighting as I have moved on already but it's still hard for me to leave Rift after 5 years, permanently.

    All I can say is that, at least the game is not shut down.I do wonder though who is on the Rift development team....I mean we still don't really know!? I wonder what they do all day and weeks and months...??? As all this time has passed it is scary to think of what they have accomplished in that time frame, however IF WE KNEW THE TEAM SIZE and their roles on the game it would truly help us understand how time passes ON THEIR SIDE OF THE GAME.

    My advice is I think at this point us players need a live stream to meet our team and to give us some sort of hope other than written words. Granted a live stream doesn't always solve issues , but it is very long over due and I do think it will help greatly put some faith back in players.

    I would seriously consider doing one as soon as possible. Because by the time you DO get around to it, it may be too late if it is not already.

    I don't know, I mean I just don't really take the letter that promising , actions speak louder and yes I'm sure the team is small and are doing there best but maybe SHOW US THAT.

    Sorry for capitals but I'm to the point of yelling over this game, lol This game deserves redemption, the players deserve more than a few words.

    I mean what is really going on behind the scenes?!? Show us, please!!!

    I did see one of the Dev's post on healing changes for pvp and that is a start in the right direction.

    Also I would not bring prime back as its hard enough to transfer servers...Prime was a good idea but failed and to me I do not see it succeeding even if it were based on real vanilla Rift.

    The things I see succeeding is class balance to make ALL of them viable again and a way to keep new players to the game, these things should be the main focus right now and should take center stage over all content created. Why create content when there is no one to play it????

    Good luck.
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